Valentine’s Day

14 February, a day Romantic people know as Valentine’s day, the day of Love. The day you declare your love to that special person you have a crush on. Cards and flowers are the most favorite items for gift giving to loved ones. Also chocolates, teddy bears, perfume and jewellery are getting more popular. The history of valentine’s day has … Read More

The hottest bouquet trends to work into your wedding bouquet

Your wedding flowers are one of the most critical parts of your wedding decor, and can really put the finishing touch on your special day. And what are the most important flowers at your wedding? The bouquet of course! You and your bridesmaids will be holding your chosen bouquet all day long. Therefore it’s vital you get it right and … Read More

Unique Canal Wedding with a Theatrical Touch

WEDDING @ KINGS PLACE At Rotunda Bar from Green and Fortune Last month we had the pleasure of producing the floral designs on behalf of Green & Fortune for Margaret and Frank, in what turned out to be a fabulous, unique wedding at Kings Place. The wedding featured seasonal June flowers in a colour scheme of romantic lilacs, elegant ivory … Read More

The Royal wedding flowers

The Royal Wedding is hot on the lips of the British public at the moment and it is generally agreed that it was a beautiful day with Harry and Meghan a stunning couple very much in love. Leading up to the grand day we as florists eagerly awaited the announcement as to who would be producing the floral arrangements and … Read More

A worldwide history of decorative flowers

At Brigitte Flowers, I deliver floral designs all around London for many purposes – to mark special occasions, celebrations or simply just to brighten up a space. These practices have been going on for centuries, and here we take a look around the globe at how flowers were used historically by different cultures! Greece/Rome Whenever one imagines the Ancient Greek … Read More

Beyond the bouquet

Beyond the bouquet – unusual ways to add fresh flowers to your wedding day. Dating from the 1600’s (and maybe earlier) a bride originally carried a bouquet of flowers as a necessity, in order to mask any unwanted aromas on her special day! Fast forward to 2016 and our bathing habits are much more regular, however, the tradition of carrying … Read More

Wedding Centrepieces Style

Cake Flowers London

From the wedding bouquet and the cake, to the catering options and table centrepieces, at some point or another it begins to dawn on every bride and groom, just how much there is to think about. Every detail is down to you and being such a special occasion, the pressure is on to balance personal taste, guest list requirements, venue and budget. … Read More

​Autumn bouquets and table pieces for autumn weddings

If you’ve decided to break with convention and host your wedding in autumn as opposed to summer, there are a lot of different things to consider to ensure that your day is perfect. From picking the right venue that factors in the colder climate to making your menu fitting for the time of year, it’s important to tailor your day … Read More

Your guide to wedding anniversary flowers

Your guide to wedding anniversary flowers Most people know that anniversaries have names associated with them – from paper to celebrate your 1st year together to platinum to signify an incredible 70 years of matrimony. But, did you know that each anniversary also has a flower associated with it? There’s a flower for each year until your 15th, and then … Read More

​History of flowers for weddings

Here at Brigitte Flowers, we love creating bespoke floral designs for weddings to help pull your day together and make the occasion feel special. For most brides and grooms, flowers are integral part of their ceremony and a wedding without blooms would be like an engagement without a ring! Flowers really are an iconic wedding tradition. Here we take a … Read More