Funeral Flowers

Quality fresh flowers delivered from the Netherlands

I offer a full range of funeral flowers from wreaths, posies and coffin sprays, prepared with my finest craftsmanship, and quality fresh flowers delivered from the Netherlands.

I will help you choose these specific flowers or the flowers which were meaningful or special for your beloved one. To order please call 020 3005 4876.

Flower selection


The unusual astrantia flower are small and dainty in appearance. If you’re having an outdoor nature themed wedding, astrantia are the ideal flower for your bouquet and floral arrangements.


The classic sunflower may not be the first flower that springs to mind for a wedding, but a particular variety named Sonja is proving extremely popular in bridal bouquets because of their small size and weight. It can also add a lovely warm colours to your centrepieces or posies.

Calla Lilies

Elegant and refined, calla lilies work perfectly in romantic bridal bouquets when combined with other flowers. They can also give your floral arrangements a contemporary look when put together with masses of grasses or surrounded by foliage.


Physalis come in either orange or green, to add a splash of unusual colour to your floral arrangement. The common name for the flower is ‘Chinese lantern’ due to their resemblance to the traditional Chinese lantern.


In the Autumn months, there are several different types of berry available in an array of colours to use in your floral arrangements and bouquets – including green, orange, red, and brown. Hypericum, rubus, rose hips and snowberries are most popular in floral arrangements for a variety of weddings.


Roses are a classic choice for any wedding flowers day – they’re an all-time favourite for many brides. The most natural way to use roses is a combination of all the different kinds in one bunch – baby, large-headed, and garden roses. They look exquisite when the sizes and colours blend together in a bouquet or table display.