Floral fragrance to live up your home

July 27, 2020


Embrace your home fragrance, with many different plugins, candles, scented oils, and reed sticks in a wide variety of scents to suit your taste. As we hit summertime, fresh floral scents are a popular choice. If you are looking to make your home inviting to guests, and calming to live in, rather than spending your money on chemicals and oils to produce these scents; embrace the natural fragrances of the flowers themselves? Here I have rounded up the finest smelling flowers around, to help freshen up your home.

The scent of jasmine is often used in aromatherapy for lifting the spirits. It has a very recognizable smell and is often used in popular perfumes and beauty products as a base scent. With its beautiful cream bloom too, Jasmine can help to bring calm and serenity. It is perfect for use in bedrooms or living rooms.

Although it bears no flower, the blue-grey foliage offers a distinctive and fresh scent when it is rubbed. Eucalyptus looks great when added to any bright bunch of flowers, to add sophistication and to break up the colours, and can help to add an extra element of ambiance to any room it is in.

The beautiful Gardenia flower has a reputation as perhaps being the most fragrant plant at all and is present in many perfumes, including bottles by Chanel! Why don’t you create a classic fragrance in your home by adding the striking white flower to your next floral design?

Try out the possibilities of using flowers for a natural way of making your home smell great; come along and see our experts. You can send an email or give us a call today. I am happy to help you in selecting the perfect combination of scented blooms. To help fragrance your home, exactly how you like it.

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