Flower Symbolisms, The meaning of Flowers

September 6, 2018


Deciphering the meanings of your favorite flowers

Flowers have been a popular gift for millennia. We know this from studying ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian artwork; even our earliest ancestors adorned the walls of their caves with paintings of flowers. During this long history, different flowers have steadily picked up meanings, and have grown to symbolize varying emotions. This ‘language of flowers’ will help you the next time you want to choose the perfect and most thoughtful gift for a special occasion.



The Rose

The rose is the pinnacle of the gifted flower. They look simply beautiful and come in so many different colours that their appeal is near universal. However, did you know the shade of your rose greatly changes the meaning of your gift? A red rose is an important one to get right. A vibrant scarlet rose symbolizes love and passion, while a deep, dark crimson rose is a sign of mourning. White or yellow roses are perfect for celebrating the birth of a new child; white celebrates innocence, and yellow joy and both look forward to the promise of a new beginning.




The Daisy

Some may perceive this wildflower as a little ordinary, but it actually makes for a fantastic gift. The daisy is a lovely, friendly flower that is pleasingly dainty and will eternally be synonymous with the springtime. The daisy makes for the perfect gift if your loved one is ill or perhaps going through a difficult time in their life, as it symbolizes hope.





The Peony

Peonies have grown in popularity over the years. Often depicted in artwork from ancient China, the peony has been celebrated over the centuries by many civilizations. There’s even a myth that saw a Greek god of medicine and healing turned into this flower by Zeus! The peony’s light, summery colours and delicate blouzy petals make for a perfect addition to a wedding bouquet, especially as the flower has now come to symbolize lifelong happiness.


The Carnation

The colour of a carnation dramatically changes the meaning of this flower, so be very careful which one you choose! For example, yellow should be avoided at all costs, unless you’re looking to express disdain or rejection. A pink carnation makes for a thoughtful present for someone suffering loss or who has passed, as it means remembrance and tells the recipient “I’ll never forget you.” A white carnation is a great gift to give just before someone embarks on a test, as it symbolizes luck.


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