From the catwalk to your home – Spring 2016 Floral Trends

The bold print of the flower has long been a favourite icon used by high-end designers in their couture designs on the catwalk. Many high street stores also provide a wide variety of summers dresses, skirts and blouses each summer all made from fabric featuring beautiful blooms every summer. Here I have rounded up the best floral patterns from the … Read More

The Best Smelling Flowers to Freshen Up Your Home

  More and more people are embracing home fragrance, with many different plugins, candles, scented oils and reed sticks on offer in a wide variety of scents, to suit every taste. As we hit summertime, however, fresh floral scents are a popular choice amongst many looking to make their home inviting to guests, and calming to live in. Rather than … Read More

​Unusual Colour Combinations

The colour scheme of your wedding can be a big decision. Whites and reds, shades of purple, and pastel combinations are popular choices – but what if you’re looking for something a little more unique? Here at Brigitte Flowers we’re always exercising our creative flair, encouraging customers to experiment with unique colour combinations. Here are some of our favourites to … Read More

How to Effectively Dress Your Wedding Venue

            When your big day is approaching, you want to make everything as perfect as it can be. When it comes to decorating your venue, every small detail is key to creating the right atmosphere. Here are our top tips for making the most of your venue. Perfect your theme Whether you’re going for a … Read More