Out of the ordinary colours for Valentine’s Day flowers

Bored by red roses? Want to get away from endless pink shades? We know that the traditional Valentine’s Day colour schemes are not to everyone’s taste. So here are out top picks for out of the ordinary flowers that will make the perfect additions to any romantic bouquets. Yellow Sunflowers – Who could resist the cheerful golden petals and open face … Read More

January 09th, 2017

If you’re having a winter time wedding, it is still possible to make glorious bouquets and arrangements using a range of different flowers. Once the big day is over, you want to keep enjoying your blooms for as long as possible, and here’s how you can do just that.    Control the temperature  In the winter, it’s likely that you’ll … Read More

Perfect blooms to have around your house in Spring

While the winter season allowed us to enjoy a variety of wonderful blooms in deep, rich hues such as forest green, crimson red and of course, stark, crisp white, the start of spring means it’s time to introduce fresh, vibrant colour back into our floral displays! Here are the perfect blooms to inject some fun into your homes as we mark the … Read More